SWC1090 LATEST VERSION is 1.3.2 dated November 4, 2010

    • Corrected mA dc (I) Burnout low and high limits

    ⇒ Download version 1.3.2 here
    1.3.1 dated July 13, 2010

    • Added sensor Ni 120 for D1072S, D1072D and D1073S

    1.3.0 dated July 12, 2008

    • Added D1064S support
    • Minor bugs and adjustments to file reading and writing options

    1.2.3 dated April 22, 2008

    • Added Pt 500 Sensor for latest revision D107* units
    • ISM0084 PDF Installation Manual now available in the software root directory or via the dedicated buttons

    1.2.2 dated May 11, 2007

    • D1060S: 'Pulse' option on Alarm Type 1 appears correctly.

    1.2.1 dated April 19, 2007

    • Adjusted minor problem on D1052Y and D1072Y where Downscale and Upscale for second channel where incorrectly formatted.
    • D1052Y Function channel A and B incorrectly disabled.

    1.2.0 dated March 30, 2007

    • Added current and voltage "Output Limits" settings for isolators that accept this new feature.
    • Added the possibility to automatically close the confirm dialog box after reading and writing configurations
    • Real time Input Reading: no more time limit. Chart shows 3 minute history. Added maximum, minimum and average values for acquiring session
    • "COM Port discover" utility is now faster and more reliable
    • COM ports can now be chosen from COM1 up to COM256
    • Added Keyboard shorcuts: F1 = Read from COM; F2 = Write to COM; F3 = Read from File; F4 = Write to File; F5 = Load factory defaults; F6 = Print; F7 = Reset;
    • Configurations and system events are silently logged to ./log/ folder each time a module is read or written via COM port.
    • Software updates: possibility to check for updates automatically at startup, or from the About screen. New software versions can now be downloaded and installed directly from within the SWC1090.
    • minor bugs and graphical adjustments

    1.1.5 dated April 3, 2006

    • Added 1 new thermocouple sensors: TC S1 and 1 new thermoresistance sensor: Cu 46;
    • Minor adjustments to factory default configuration files;
    • New End User License Agreement in the "About" section;

    1.1.0 dated May 9, 2005

    • Possibility of configuring new features on D107* models: Cold Junction Compensation (Fixed value or Automatic) and RTD Line Resistance;
    • Added 3 new thermocouple sensors: TC A1, TC A2, TC A3;
    • Choice of having a link to our online product specifications every time a configuration is acquired. Link opens in friendly internal browser (internet connection required!);
    • New printing layout, now divides first from second channel and displays TAGS (where available);
    • Added small Memo field that logs major actions taken by user temporarily (until program closure);
    • Small bug fixes;
    • Major graphical improvements in "Values" section: larger charts and an extended limit of 180 seconds of acquiring;
    • Possibility of printing or saving to bitmap file the Chart in "Values" Section;
    • Hints on Sensor settable ranges appear now also in a yellow hint box, whenever mouse rests on the interested input field.

    1.0.5 dated September 29, 2004

    • Solved issue concerning "International Default Settings" when using the software with English and American based Operative Systems
    • Corrected small - not critical - mistake to D1073S.GMC default configuration file

    1.0.4 dated July 13, 2004

    • Added support for configuration of D1054S
    • We suggest updating also Default Configurations, that will not work across this and older versions

    1.0.3 dated May 11, 2004

    • Added support for E1000 Eurocard Series E1058, E1059, E1078 and E1079.
    • "Values" session has now a graphic layout to monitor Input Values on screen.

    1.0.2 dated March 3, 2004

    • Solved problems during the printing of Report Sheets under Microsoft Windows XP.
    • D1052D.gmc default configuration file corrected.

    1.0.1 dated December 9, 2003

    • New D107* models (available in January 2004) with support for Pt 200 and Pt 300 sensors can now be fully configured.
    • False "Serial COM port not found" errors when doing multiple configurations are now completely absent.

Updating instructions

  • Download the setup file here;
  • Click on the executable and follow the instructions;
  • Choose to install in the directory used for previous installation and answer "Yes" when asked for overwriting;
  • Answer "No" when asked to overwrite config.ini and "Yes to All" for every other file: by doing this your personal settings will be kept.