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Wellhead Control Panels (WHCP) are necessary for the safety of the storage and production wells in oil and gas fields.
The WHCP is an integrated system that, within a single cabinet, collects the electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic circuits necessary for controlling all valves placed on the wellheads (SCSSV, master, wing), as well as safety valves (choke, ESD, HIPPS).

Wellhead remote monitoring and control

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Browsing through the realm of relays might be an overwhelming task since there are many different technologies and uses that can be associated with this device.

Safety Relays: A Comprehensive Insight

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GM International products, including D5000 intrinsically safe isolators, Hart 5700-110 Multiplexer, and TBE-D5001-HRT-004 termination boards were chosen by a customer for a pilot project.

HART multiplexer system: constant monitoring, locally and remotely

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