D6002S G.M. International s.r.l.
GM International

Pass-Through Module

The Pass-Through D6002 module puts into direct connection the system with the field for a flexible marshalling.


  • Installation in Zone 2/Div. 2


Product lifecycle policy (EN)

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Technical Data


Voltage rating 30 V.
Current rating 0.1 A.

Environmental conditions

Operating temperature temperature limits –40 to +70 °C.
Storage temperature temperature limits –45 to +80 °C.


Type on custom Term. Board.
Weight about 110 g.
Connection by polarized plug-in disconnect screw terminal blocks to accomodate terminations up to 2.5 mm² (13 AWG).
Dimensions Width 12.5 mm, Depth 123 mm, Height 120 mm.

Data Sheet

Datasheet of D6002 ( EN | DE | ES | FR | IT | JA | RU | CN | PT )

Instruction Manual

Instruction Manual D6002 ( EN )
Ex safety instruction manual for D6000 series ( EN | IT )
CCC Ex safety instruction manual for D6000 series ( EN | CN )
Ex safety instruction manual for D6000 series ( RU )


Type Description Area Number Issued by Issue Date
ATEX DEKRA ATEX TB, D6000 Series English Certificate ( EN ) Europe BVS 18 ATEX E 079 X DEKRA 2021-03-04
Ex D6000 CCC certificate for China ( EN ) China 2024322310005795 NEPSI 2024-01-22
Ex EAC Ex Certificate for D6000 and TB/TBE Series ( RU ) Eurasian Community ЕАЭС RU С-IT.AA87.В.00796/21 CCVE 2021-09-20
Ex UL-cUL D6001, D6002, D6003, D6004, D5099 Divisions ( EN ) North America 20191030-E222308 UL 2019-10-30
IECEx DEKRA IECEx TB, D6000 Series Certificate ( EN ) International IECEx BVS 18.0066X DEKRA 2021-03-15

Declarations of Conformity

EU Declaration of Conformity for RoHS, ASBESTOS. ( EN )
EU Declaration of Conformity for TB, TBE, D6000 (zone 2) ( EN | IT )
Declaration of Conformity G3 compliance ( EN )


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