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Galvanic Isolators

G.M. International universal mount galvanic isolators provide a simple and cost effective means of implementing isolation in non hazardous applications where SIL certification and/or high reliability are a requirement.

D6000 series


  • Data guaranteed by 3rd party, SIL 3 (2) TÜV certification
  • Reduced foot print, high density: 1, 2, 4 or 8 ch. each
  • Simplified installation/config, DIP switch configurability
  • Faster reaction time, lower down time
  • Lower cost of ownership, certified for 20 years operation
  • Reduced spare inventory, universal mounting
  • Improved reliability, low power consumption and heat dissipation
  • RS-485 Modbus output version available

Operating temperature certified from -40°C to +70°C


  • High channel density (3/6/12 mm per channel) resulting from innovative circuit design using advanced surface mount components
  • Single, dual, quad or 8 channel models
  • Plug-in screw terminal blocks to secure wires up to 2.5 mm2
  • Configuration components are easily accessed by removing the side cover or via connector front panel

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  • Capability to withstand higher temperatures, improves the lifetime in normal conditions
  • Very high reliability in extreme environment applications
  • G3 conformal coating
  • Reduced cabinet dimensions, require less ventilation


  • Modules suitable for SIL 2 applications according to IEC61508, IEC61511
  • 3 port galvanic isolation to eliminate noise, ground loop problems
  • Line fault alarm detects open or short circuit of field cables
  • Optional power bus DIN-rail connector
  • Standard termination board with custom connectors for integration into customized boards
  • EMC compatibility to EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-4, EN61326-1, EN61326-3-1
  • DIP switch configurability for easy field setup
  • Modules accept DC power supply over a wide range for 24 Vdc (18-30 Vdc) applications

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