TB-D5016-TRI-010 G.M. International s.r.l.
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SIL3 16-pos Termination Board for Tricon CX AO card 3809X and UIO card 3902X

This Termination Board with Enclosure provides direct connection between the I/O Card of the system and D5000 / D6000 Series modules. The Intrinsically Safe protection and signal isolation between Safe and Hazardous Area, is provided by D5000 Series Associated Apparatus. The 24 Vdc Power Supply of the TBE is connected to two plug-in terminal blocks, for a redundant power supply.


  • SIL 3 / SC 3
  • Zone 2/Div. 2 Installation
  • Tricon CX AO Card board interfaces
  • Tricon CX UIO Card board interfaces
  • 16 positions Termination Board for up to 16 channels
  • Lower cables installation and maintenance costs
  • Mounting hardware provided for single DIN Rail mounting kit


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Technical Data


Number of positions 16
Maximum number of channels 16


Voltage 24 Vdc nom (20 to 30 Vdc), reverse polarity protected, double terminal blocks for redundant power supply, with OR diodes to mix supply voltages.
Max allowed current consumption 1.5 A (as total supply).
Connection by polarized plug-in disconnect screw terminal blocks to accommodate terminations up to 2.5 mm².
Protection fuse 3.15 A time lag.

I/O Card Interface

Connection one SUB D50 male connector (require female mating connector).
Cable system cable 4X00227-5xx with AO Card 3809X, 4X00224-3xx with UIO Card 3902X.

Environmental conditions

Operating temperature temperature limits –40 to +70 °C.
Max altitude 2000 m a.s.l.
Storage temperature temperature limits –45 to +80 °C.


Type Hardware included for mounting on single DIN-rail 35 mm.
Weight about 700 g, excluding modules (+ 380 g metal clips).
Location installation in Safe Area or Zone 2, Group IIC T4, or Class 1, Div. 2, Group A, B, C, D, T4.
Dimensions Width 210 mm, Depth 170 mm, Height 154 mm.

Data Sheet

Datasheet of TB-D5016-TRI-010 ( EN )
Schneider Tricon CX TB Summary ( EN | ES | FR | CN | JA | PT | IT | DE | RU )

Instruction Manual

Instruction Manual for installation of TBE-FIX-MT-xxx (valid for TBE-HRT & TBE-TRI & TBE-GMI) ( EN )
Instruction Manual Tricon & TriconCX ( EN )
Safety Manual TB-D5016-TRI-010, TBE-D5016-TRI-010 ( EN )
Ex safety instruction manual for TB, TBE series ( EN | IT )
CCC Ex safety instruction manual for TB, TBE series ( EN | CN )
Ex safety instruction manual for TB, TBE series ( RU )


Type Description Area Number Issued by Issue Date
ATEX DEKRA ATEX TB, D6000 Series English Certificate ( EN ) Europe BVS 18 ATEX E 079 X DEKRA 2021-03-04
Ex TB/TBE CCC certificate for China ( EN ) China 2023322308005685 NEPSI 2023-12-05
Ex EAC Ex Certificate for D6000 and TB/TBE Series ( RU ) Eurasian Community ЕАЭС RU С-IT.AA87.В.00796/21 CCVE 2021-09-20
Ex UL-cUL TB/TBE-D5016-TRI-010, TB-D5008-INV-005 Divisions ( EN ) North America 20190215-E222308 UL 2020-12-04
FSM TUV IT 22 SIL 0093 Functional Safety Certificate ( EN ) International TUV IT 22 SIL 0093 TUV_SUD 2022-07-25
IECEx DEKRA IECEx TB, D6000 Series Certificate ( EN ) International IECEx BVS 18.0066X DEKRA 2021-03-15
SIL TUV C-IS-272994-01 SIL Certificate Summary ( EN ) International C-IS-272994-01 TUV_SUD 2022-10-14

Declarations of Conformity

EU Declaration of Conformity for RoHS, ASBESTOS. ( EN )
EU Declaration of Conformity for TB, TBE, D6000 (zone 2) ( EN | IT )
Declaration of Conformity G3 compliance ( EN )


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