Universal Termination Boards with HART Interface System
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Termination Boards

Standard and customized

Termination boards provide direct connection via dedicated multicore cable between the I/O Card of the system (PLC/DCS/ESD) and electronic modules (barriers, isolators, relays).
G.M. International offers a wide range of standard or customized termination boards to easily interface to systems of all the main instrumentation vendors such as: Invensys Foxboro, ABB, Triconex, Yokogawa, Honeywell and many others.
G.M. International termination boards are also available with the new HART Interface System that drastically reduces the number of multiplexer modules.

Table board


  • Smaller foot print, very compact design, up to 64 I/O channels in one board
  • Sturdy metal, mounting hardware for DIN-rail or wall
  • High availability, power supply and support of I/O redundancy
  • Easy maintenance and troubleshooting, fault led indication and common fault repeater
  • Available with customized connectors/cables for direct interface to any PLC / DCS / ESD systems
  • Also available with GMI HART interface system that drastically reduces the number of multiplexer modules
  • AI/AO/DI/DO universal, any D5000 or D6000 series modules can be installed: IS barriers, isolators, safety relays

100% Customizable


TB structure

Universal Termination Boards

GMI termination boards are suitable for installation of any AI/AO/DI/DO modules of the D5000/D6000 and D1000 series: IS barriers, isolators and safety relay.

Universal solutions are available using patch cables or can be customized to suit the growing number of Universal I/O modules.

All Analog TBs support connection to GMI innovative HART multiplexer solution via flat or flat-to-round cable.

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  • Redundant power supply connection
  • Line voltage monitoring and alarm
  • Suitable to host 8/16/32 modules
  • Up to 64 channels per TB
  • Universal: AI/AO – DI/DO – TEMP./ CONVERTER
  • Dedicated HART signals connector
  • Wall or DIN-rail mounting
  • G3 conformal coating and zone 2 Installation


  • Simplified wiring and maintenance
  • Reduces cabinet and installation costs
  • Small overall foot print
  • System dedicated and compatible plug-in solution
  • Easy spare/extensions management

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