D1000 Series
GM International


Intrinsically Safe Isolators

G.M. International D1000 series IS barrier is yet unsurpassed in reliability and performance, providing the simplest and cost effective range of technology to implement intrinsic safety into hazardous areas and divisions.
The complete line of D1000 series IS barriers is suitable for SIL 3 - SIL 2 applications according to IEC 61508, IEC 61511.

D1000 series


  • Reduced Foot Print: High density, 4 Channels
  • Full Application Coverage: All INs and OUTs available
  • Reduced Spare Inventory: Available as universal IN/OUT
  • Reliable Indoor & Outdoor: Certified -40° to + 60° C
  • Resilience to Surge: 1.5 KV isolation
  • SIL 3 (2) TÜV certification: Data guaranteed by 3rd Party
  • Easy Installation: Din Rail & Power Bus mounting
  • Easy Maintenance: Plug-in Enclosure
  • Current & Valid Standard: Certified IEC 61508:2010, Ed.2
  • Independent SIL certified Dual Ch.: Dual Power Supply

Less power comsumption, more functionality


  • High channel density resulting from innovative circuit design using advanced surface mount components
  • Single, dual or quad channel models
  • Plug-in screw terminal blocks to secure wires up to 2.5 mm2
  • Plug-in PCB can be removed for configuration operations

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  • High signal transfer accuracy and repeatability
  • Advanced circuitry provides low heat dissipation, ensuring modules run cool despite their high functionality
  • G3 Conformal coating
  • SMD manufacturing for a long and reliable life
  • 2 modules (D1130 - D1180) can be powered from 85 to 264 Vac, 48-400 Hz, or from 100 to 350 Vdc


  • Wide range of Digital and Analog I/O
  • Relay contacts rated for 2 A to directly switch high loads
  • 3 port galvanic isolation to eliminate noise, ground loop problems and to provide Intrinsic Safety without a high integrity safety earth connection
  • Line fault alarm detects open or short circuit of field cables
  • Optional power bus enclosure

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