D2000 Series
GM International


Multiplexer Systems

D2000 temperature multiplexer has been designed specifically for temperature measurements in hazardous location; taking full advantage of the low power requirements inherent of temperature measurement.

Field units do not require separate power supply nor certified enclosure.

D2000 series


  • Reduced foot print, high density, up to 256 channel
  • Longer distances, up to 4/5 Km between sensor gateway
  • Higher reliability, certified -40° to + 60° C
  • Avoid fault propagation, channel to channel isolation -
  • Resilience to surges: 500 V isolation
  • Faster reaction time: from 0,4 sec for 64 ch. to 1.6 sec for 256 ch.
  • Faster data collection: 112 KBaud communication speed
  • Harsh environment resistance, G3 conformal coating
  • Easier troubleshooting, status LED indication

Cost and installation savings


  • Transferring multiple variables onto the same 2 wires
  • Data sent through a single, or redundant, communication line to the gateway placed in safe area
  • Cost saving: reduced and simplified wiring, lesser cabinet space and clutter free installation
  • Eliminates the need of PLC - DCS AI cards
  • Installation in Zone 1 without the need of external power source or certified enclosures
  • Up to 256 signals per system; maximum 7.936 ch.
  • 18 Bits resolution and fast communication speed
  • Redundant communication lines to hazardous area (proprietary protocol)
  • Redundant communication to PLC/DCS/PC via Modbus RTU


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