D9000 Series
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Surge Arresters

D9000 series provides surge protection for all kinds of applications in different industries such as Oil&Gas, Petrochemical, Steel etc. avoiding signal interruption and protecting control room equipment.

D9000 series


  • Easy maintenance: integrated knife disconnection technology for each channel
  • Quick wiring, grounding path via contact to DIN-rail
  • Reduced spare inventory, surge protection for most I/O signals; AI, AO, DI, DO. Nominal 24V DC, maximum 30V (Both I.S. And N.I.S.)
  • Increase the discharge capacity and reduce the response time, 2-stage protective circuit
  • Unlimited IS applications
  • Fits in any SIL loop, SIL3 certification
  • Protection level: up to 20 KA
  • Simple testing and documentation, reduced downtime, Hot swap plug module
  • Safe disconnection and signaling in case of overload

Only 6,2 mm wide: easy fitting


D9510S modules provide two-stage, SIL 3, surge protection for floating I/O signals for measurement in control and safety systems.

Its slim width of only 6 mm allows for easy fitting into any marshalling or distribution cabinet saving space and installation costs.

Disconnect knife on both signal paths are featured for easy testing of the loop.

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  • SIL 3 according to IEC 61508:2010 Ed.2
  • Input from zone 0 (Zone 20), installation in zone 1 and 2
  • Hot Removable plug module version available (D9500 version)
  • Disconnection of signal circuit by disconnect knife
  • Protection of a floating double wire in intrinsically safe circuits
  • High density, 6.2 mm per channel
  • HART compatible


D9400/D9500 provides surge protection for floating I/O signal circuit in a SIL 3 compact package with or without removable cartridge configuration. The pluggable module and disconnect knife enable easy testing.

Also featured local and remote module fault indications.

In the event of an overload, a status indicator identifies the disconnection of the protective element without the need of auxiliary power supply; a remote indication set, for up to 40 modules at a time, is also available.

Intrinsically safe certified for use in IS loops and for hazardous area installation. 


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