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SIL3 Switch/Proximity Transistor-Out Repeater

The Switch/Proximity Detector Repeater D6031 is a module suitable for applications requiring SIL 3 level in safety related systems for high risk industries. The unit can be configured for switches or proximity detectors and repeats the input state to an open-collector transistor. The selectable fault detection circuit is available for proximity sensors or switches equipped with end of line resistors. In the double-channel model, the second output can be configured to repeat the second input, to duplicate the first input or to report the first input fault. If needed, the output can also be inverted.


  • SIL 3 / SC 3
  • 2 fully independent channels
  • High frequency transistor output
  • Field open and short circuit detection
  • In-field programmability by DIP Switch
  • Three port isolation, Input/Output/Supply
  • High Density, two channels per unit


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Technical Data


Voltage 24 Vdc nom (18 to 30 Vdc), reverse polarity protected.
Current Consumption 22 mA @ 24 Vdc with short circuit input and transistor closed, typical.
Power Dissipation 0.53 W @ 24 Vdc with short circuit input and transistor closed, typical.


Input switching current levels ON ≥ 2.1 mA, OFF ≤ 1.2 mA.
Fault current levels open fault ≤ 0.2 mA, short fault ≥ 6.8 mA
Input equivalent source 8 V 1 kΩ typical (8 V no load, 8 mA short).


Type Voltage free SPST optocoupled open-collector transistor.
Open-collector/drain rating 100 mA @ 35 Vdc (≤ 1.5 V voltage drop).
Leakage current ≤ 50 μA @ 35 Vdc.
Response time ≤ 100 μs.
Frequency response 5 kHz maximum.


Test Voltage In/Out 2.5 kV; In/Supply 2.5 kV; In/In 500 V; Out/Supply 500 V; Out/Out 500 V.

Environmental conditions

Operating temperature temperature limits –40 to +70 °C.
Storage temperature temperature limits –45 to +80 °C.


Type DIN-Rail 35 mm, with or without Power Bus or on custom Term. Board.
Weight about 130 g.
Connection by polarized plug-in disconnect screw terminal blocks to accommodate terminations up to 2.5 mm² (13 AWG).
Dimensions Width 12.5 mm, Depth 123 mm, Height 120 mm.

Data Sheet

Datasheet of D6031 ( EN | FR | RU | DE | ES | IT | CN | JA | PT )

Instruction Manual

Instruction Manual D6031 ( EN )
Safety Manual D6031 ( EN )


Type Description Area Number Issued by Issue Date
FSM TUV IT 22 SIL 0093 Functional Safety Certificate ( EN ) International TUV IT 22 SIL 0093 TUV_SUD 2022-07-25
SIL TUV C-IS-722134640-01 SIL Certificate Summary ( EN ) International C-IS-722134640-01 TUV_SUD 2022-10-14

Declarations of Conformity

EU Declaration of Conformity for D6000 series ( EN | IT )
EU Declaration of Conformity for RoHS, ASBESTOS. ( EN )
Declaration of Conformity G3 compliance ( EN )


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