Live webinars

GM International offers every month Live Webinars to deepen a specific topic related to safety. Each live webinar is designed to transfer skills, technical updates, and practical experiences and then, you can ask for more information directly to our experts too! At the registration step remember to enter your questions and topics of interest in the form: they will be answered and discussed during the webinar. Participation is free upon registration. Attend our webinars and increase your competence by connecting from your PC or smartphone remotely. Find out which topics are the most interesting for you and join us. What are you waiting for? Discover all planned webinars!

Upcoming webinars

Date time (GMT)DurationTopicDescription
2023-03-29 09:0060 minWhy a standard power supply can't be used in a SIFPower supply is the most critical part of a system: we will clarify the importance of using Safety Power Supply for Safety-related applications.REGISTER HERE

Past webinars

All past webinars are available for viewing on our Youtube channel at this link.

Date time (GMT)DurationTopicDescription
2023-01-26 10:0060 minSIL3 safety instrumentation in Explosive environmentsWe will highlight and share details about case histories and a few large projects in order to show how GMI technologies and products perfectly fit in explosive environments applications.
2023-02-16 16:0060 minChoosing the right Ex protection concept for your applicationWe will cover some of the best practices on which Ex protection concepts to use based upon area classification and equipment selected with an eye on total installed cost, ease of maintenance, certification limitations and flexibility.
2023-02-28 10:0060 minCan do you degrade from a 2oo3 into a 1oo2 safety architecture and remain the same safety and process availability?Engineers do some maintenance on a simple 2oo3 process measurement devices forgetting many ways of doing such maintaining safety and process availability. We will take you back to the basics with benefits and disadvantages for both safety and process
2023-03-15 16:0060 minSRS, how define a safety loopIn this webinar we will explain information which is needed to describe a safety instrumented function (SIF).