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GM International propose chaque semaine des webinars en "live" pour approfondir un sujet spécifique lié à la sécurité. Chaque webinar est conçu pour transférer des compétences, des mises à jour techniques et des expériences pratiques. Ensuite, vous pouvez également demander plus d'informations directement à nos experts! Lors de l'inscription, n'oubliez pas de saisir vos questions et sujets d'intérêt dans le formulaire: ils seront traités et discutés lors du webinar. La participation est gratuite lors de l'inscription. Assistez à nos webinars et augmentez vos compétences en vous connectant à distance depuis votre PC ou smartphone. Découvrez les sujets qui vous intéressent le plus et rejoignez-nous. Qu'est-ce que vous attendez? Découvrez tous les webinars à venir!

Webinars à venir

Date time (GMT)DurationTopicDescription
2021-10-13 09:0060 minSIL 3 safety instrumentation in explosive environmentsWe will highlight and share details about case histories and a few large projects in order to show how GMI technologies and products perfectly fit in explosive environments applications.REGISTER HERE

Webinars precedents

Tous les webinaires passés sont disponibles pour visionnement sur notre chaîne Youtube via ce lien at this link.

Date time (GMT)DurationTopicDescription
2021-07-06 15:0060 minThe IECEx Certificate of Personnel Competency Scheme – The need for CompetencyThe IECEx CoPC program is a competency in Ex training and assessment program. We will explain in detail the mechanics of the program including covering some of the basic requirements of competency in the Ex world.
2021-07-14 09:0060 minIntrinsically Safe Isolators, process applications aspectsProcess applications in hazardous area require special attention to the field device typology and the matched I.S. isolators. An overview of most typical applications based on GMI 40 years customer interviews.
2021-07-22 15:0060 minFunctional Safety Management (FSM)In this webinar we will explain the importance of the normative requirement for every supplier of product or service active in the safety life cycle.
2021-07-27 05:0060 minUnderstanding an Ex wallchart, Ex labels and how to select Ex equipmentEx wallcharts are great tools to use and reference when selecting and working on Ex equipment. This webinar will go over the relevant information contained in typical Ex wallcharts and also show practical uses of the charts.
2021-08-04 09:0060 minESD and Fire& Gas Applications, SIL3 Smart Relays extend the PLC diagnostic along the whole loopGMI experience on Process Safety is strengthened through different applications with most important PLC. Our Smart Relays grant a complete monitoring both for NE (ESD) and ND (F&G) loads at SIL3 level.
2021-09-15 05:0060 minEx Inspections – Understanding what Ex inspectors are looking atThe seminar covers some of the basics of inspections from an Ex inspector perspective and highlights critical faults that may cause delays in shipping, increase costs and ultimately result in unsafe equipment based upon the requirements of 60079-17.
2021-09-23 15:0060 minDe-energised to trip vs Energised to activateIn this webinar we will explain the fundamental principles of emergency shutdowns systems and fire&gas systems and the crucial role the power converter (power supply) plays in both cases.