D1000 and E1000 Software Configurator for Windows

G.M. International customers have the possibility to choose between two easy methods of configuring their GM D1000 Models: our well-known and handy PPC 1090 (standalone pocket portable) and our innovative SWC1090.
The SWC1090 interfaces your laptop, or computer, with the module (see below for available models), giving the possibility to configure every parameter, save them to file for future use, or to automatically print the full set of parameters into a Report Sheet (click here for a pdf screen shot).
A very simple installation and practicly no major system requirements (details below) make it a powerful and user-friendly way of working.

Note: In order for the isolator to be connected to the computer a PPC1092 adapter is needed.


Instruction manual


Latest version: 1.3.2