SIL 2 Load Cell/Strain Gauge Bridge Isolating Repeater


The single channel DIN Rail Load Cell/Strain Gauge Bridge Isolating Repeater D5263S module is a unit suitable for applications requiring SIL 2 level (according to IEC 61511) in safety related systems for high risk industries.
The unit acts as a transparent galvanic isolated interface installed between a weighing indicator in Safe Area and a load cell (or group of load cells) in Hazardous Area; it appears at the terminals of the indicator as a single load cell equivalent to the one in the field.
It provides a fully floating power supply voltage with remote sensing capability to load cell located in Hazardous Area and repeats, while isolating, the mV signal output to drive a load in Safe Area depending on the host system reference voltage.
Up to four 350 Ω load cells, or five 450 Ω load cells, or ten 1000 Ω load cells can be connected in parallel.
The Voltage reference (Safe Area side) is set as an external supply.

Mounting on standard DIN-Rail, with or without Power Bus, in Safe Area or in Zone 2.


24 Vdc nom (18 to 30 Vdc)



SIL level

D5263S - SIL 2 Load Cell/Strain Gauge Bridge Isolating Repeater

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    DTS0429 D5263 data sheet (English) (PDF 256 KB)
    ISM0121D5000-D5200 Series General Instruction Manual (PDF 3.27 MB)
    ISM0156D5000 Series Safety Instruction Manual (PDF 5.24 MB)
    ISM0227D5263S instruction manual (PDF 454 KB)
    ISM0290UL Control Drawing for D5263, D5264 (PDF 106 KB)
    CRT136EAC Ex Certificate for D5000 Series (PDF 4.24 MB)
    CRT153Korean Register Type Approval Certificate (PDF 1.22 MB)
    CRT212ATEX Certificate n. TUV 15 ATEX 170897 X (PDF 662 KB)
    CRT213IECEx CoC for D5263S, D5264S [link IECEx TUN 16.0005X] (PDF 856 KB)
    CRT281DNV-GL Maritime Type Approval Certificate (D5000 Series) (PDF 356 KB)
    CRT300UL-cUL D5263, D5264 Divisions and Zones (PDF 452 KB)
    CRT323EAC EMC Declaration for D5000 and D6000 series (PDF 2.07 MB)
    JDFT05022mm DIN Rail Connector
    MCHP196Power Bus Terminal Block Cover and Fix
    MOR017Plug-in Terminal Block male, Horizontal Output, for Bus Power
    MOR022Plug-in Terminal Block female, Horizontal Output, for Bus Power
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