Termination Board 16 positions for Yokogawa Prosafe RS with Digital Input card SDV144


This Termination Board (TB) provides direct connection between the I/O Card of the system and D5000 Series modules. The Intrinsically Safe protection and signal isolation between Safe and Hazardous Area is provided by D5000 Series Associated Apparatus. The 24 Vdc Power Supply of the TB is connected to two plug-in terminal blocks, for a redundant power supply. The power supply for modules is given by TB power bus.


• 2 x DI card type SDV144 (16 channels) Digital Input board interface.
• 16 positions Terminal Board for up to 32 channels.
• Lower cables installation and maintenance costs.
• Power supplies fault monitoring.
• Spare fuse provided.


24 Vdc (20 to 30 Vdc)
Image of TB-D5016-YOK-007 (WEB)


    Datasheet of TB-D5016-YOK-007 ( EN )
    Yokogawa Prosafe RS & Centum VP TB Summary ( EN | FR | CN | JA | PT | IT | ES | DE )
    EAC_EMC > EAC > 5700 and TB EAC EMC Declaration of Conformity ( RU )
    EU Declaration of Conformity for RoHS, ASBESTOS. ( EN )
    EU Declaration Termination Boards TB, TBE, TUE ( EN )
    Declaration of Conformity G3 compliance ( EN )


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