Quad Channel LEDs Isolating Driver.


The D104* series are quad channel DIN Rail Digital Output Modules enabling a Safe Area contact, logic level or drive signal, to control a device in Hazardous Area, providing 3 port isolation (input/output/supply). Typical applications includes driving signalling LED’s, visual or audible alarms to alert a plant operator or driving a solenoid valve or other process control devices. It can also be used as a controllable supply to power measuring or process control equipment in Hazardous Area. Output channels can be paralleled if more power is required; 2 or 3 channels in parallel (depending on the model) are still suitable for Gas Group II C. Four basic models meet a large number of applications: it is possible to obtain 16 different combinations of safety parameters and driving currents.


• Output to Zone 0 (Zone 20), Division 1, installation in Zone 2, Division 2.
• Voltage input, contact, logic level, common positive or common negative, loop powered or bus powered.
• Flexible modular multiple output capability.
• Output short circuit proof and current limited.
• Three port isolation, Input/Output/Supply.
• EMC Compatibility to EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-4.
• High Reliability, SMD components.
• High Density, four channels per unit.
• Simplified installation using standard DIN Rail and plug-in terminal blocks.
• 250 Vrms (Um) max. voltage allowed to the instruments associated with the barrier.


21.5-30 Vdc



SIL level

Image of D1041Q (Web)


    Datasheet of D1040Q, D1041Q, D1042Q, D1043Q. ( EN )
    D1000 Series Common Specifications and Dimensional Drawing ( EN )
    Instruction Manual D1040Q_D1041Q_D1042Q_D1043Q ( EN )
    Instruction Manual D1000 Series ( EN )
    UL Control Drawing D1041 ( EN )
    Ex safety instruction manual for D1000 series ( EN | IT )
    INMETRO safety instruction manual for D1000 series ( PT )
    PSD1000 Supply for D1000 Series AC Input ( EN )
    Series D1000 Digital Unit Testing ( EN )
    ATEX > GMI > IMQ Zone 2 Applications D1000 Series Certificate ( EN )
    ATEX > GMI > DEKRA ATEX D1000 Series English Certificate ( EN | DE )
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    EAC_EX > TECHNOPROGRESS > EAC Ex Certificate for D1000 Series ( RU )
    HAZARDOUS_LOCATION > UL > UL-cUL D1040, D1041, D1042, D1043, PSD1001, PSD1001C Divisions and Zones ( EN )
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    EU Declaration of Conformity for D1000 series (zone 2) ( EN | IT )
    EU Declaration of Conformity for RoHS, ASBESTOS. ( EN )
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    Product Overview ( EN | FR | DE | CN | RU | JA )
    D1000 Series Presentation ( RU )
    2D_drawing_D1000_dwg ( EN )
    3D_drawing_D1000_dwg ( EN )
    3D_drawing_D1000_stp ( EN )
    BUSPower Bus Optional Enclosure
    MCHP065Din Rail Anchor, for Terminal Block Side of Bus Power
    MOR016DIN Rail End Stopper Terminal Block
    MOR017Plug-in Terminal Block male, Horizontal Output, for Bus Power
    MOR022Plug-in Terminal Block female, Horizontal Output, for Bus Power


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D5040D | Note: Only one or two channels


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