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Transistor Output Repeater DIN-Rail Model D2053M

D2000M series Intrinsically Safe Multiplexing System consists of one to four Analog-Temperature Multiplexer units model D2010M, up to twelve Expander units model D2011M, or up to four Digital Multiplexer units model D2030M, mounted in Hazardous Area/Hazardous Locations Zone 1-2, Gas Group IIC-IIB-IIA T4 or Class I, Division 1-2, Group A, B, C, D T4 and connected via a single/redundant 2 wires data communication/supply line to a Modbus Gateway unit model D2050M, mounted in Safe Area/Non Hazardous Locations and connected to a PLC, DCS or PC. The D2053M unit is primarily intended for replication of proximity sensor or voltage free contact status of devices located in Hazardous Area/Hazardous Locations in the Safe Area/Non Hazardous Locations. When connected to D2050M unit, it repeats the status of each D2030M digital input multiplexer unit. The unit is driven by the Gateway D2050M via a dedicated bus. Application of this devices allows the reduction in cabling complexity where digital status are to be repeated in discrete form, in addition to the capability of analyzing them via Modbus. The D2053M unit is equipped with 32 optocoupled transistor output. The repeaters have the same channel capability as the digital field devices, so that every input unit can be repeated on an output unit. The assignment between input (field) and output (Safe Area/Non Hazardous Locations) devices is managed by the software of the D2050M and corresponding internal settings.


  • Output Repeater for D2030M Digital Multiplexer.
  • Opto isolated voltage free Transistor Output Signals.
  • High density, 32 channels per unit, 128 channels per system.
  • EMC Compatibility to EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-4.


Product lifecycle policy (EN)

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Technical Data


Voltage 24 Vdc nom (20 to 30 Vdc) reverse polarity protected, ripple within voltage limits ≤ 5 Vpp.
Current consumption @ 24 V 300 mA with relays energized.
Power Dissipation 7.2 W with 24 V supply voltage and relays energized.
Max. power consumption at 30 V supply voltage and relays energized 11.0 W.


Type via D2050M dedicated bus.


Type voltage free SPDT relay contact.
Open-collector rating 100 mA at 35 V (≤ 1.0 V voltage drop).
Leakage current ≤ 50 μA at 35 V.
Response time 20 ms.
Frequency response 10 Hz maximum.


Test Voltage Out/In 500 V; Out/Supply 500 V; Out/Out 500 V.

Environmental conditions

Operating temperature limits – 40 to + 60 °C, relative humidity max 90 % non condensing, up to 35 °C.
Storage temperature limits – 45 to + 80 °C.


Type T35 DIN Rail according to EN50022.
Weight about 540 g.
Connection by polarized plug-in disconnect screw terminal blocks to accomodate terminations up to 2.5 mm2.
Location Safe Area/Non Hazardous Locations installation.
Protection class IP 20.
Dimensions Width 127 mm, Length 220 mm, Depth 78 mm.

Data Sheet

Datasheet of D2053 ( EN )

Instruction Manual

Instruction Manual D2000 Series ( EN | CN )


Type Description Area Number Issued by Issue Date
Metrological Metrological Certificate Russia for D2000 Series ( RU ) Russia 46390-11 ROSSTANDART 2021-03-10

Declarations of Conformity

EU Declaration of Conformity for D2052M, D2053M ( EN | IT )
EU Declaration of Conformity for RoHS, ASBESTOS. ( EN )




SWC2090 - D2000M Software Configurator for Windows ( EN )
Instruction Manual D2000 Series ( EN )