HART® Multiplexer Modem 256 channels


The HART® Multiplexer Modem 5700 interfaces up to 256 smart devices (transmitters, I/P, proportional valves, etc…) in a HART® Network. Each device can be fully identified, configured and monitored by a remote PC running an FDT-based software package (PACTware™, etc...) through a dedicated Device Type Manager (DTM).
The module is intended to be mounted on the following Termination Boards:

Termination board types can be combined to manage different interfaces at the same time, simply respecting maximum number of connected channels.
The HART® Multiplexer Modem 5700 is SIL 3 certified as non-interfering with the signal loops.
The module guarantees three-port (supply/interface/channels) isolation.

In order to communicate with the hardware, an RS232/RS485 converter should be connected to the serial port of the Host. The suggested converter is the D1061S.

The minimum required software tools, to be able to operate the HART® network, are the following:


• Input from Zone 2, installation in Zone 2.
• High Density, 256 Input channels.
• HART® field device input, revision 5 to 7.
• Three port isolation, Supply/Interface/Channels.
• Simplified installation using standard customized Termination Boards.
• RS-485 Interface.


24 Vdc



SIL level

5700 - HART® Multiplexer Modem 256 channels

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    DTS0640 5700 data sheet (English) (PDF 1.12 MB)
    ISM0154SWC5090 Instruction Manual (PDF 4.71 MB)
    ISM03665700 Instruction Manual (PDF 3.18 MB)
    SWC5090D5000/D6000 Software Configurator for Windows
    DTM5700Device Type Manager for 5700 HART® Mux Modem
    PPC5092D5000 Series Adapter for Configuration
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