SIL 2 Resistance Isolating Repeater


The single channel Isolating Repeater D6072S-087 accepts a resistance/RTD or transmitting potentiometer sensor and repeats the resistance, with isolation, suitable for applications requiring SIL 2 level (according to IEC 61511) in safety related systems for high risk industries.
Mounting on standard DIN-Rail, with or without Power Bus.


• 2 or 3 or 4 wire resistance/RTD or 2 wire transmitting potentiometer Input Signal.
• Burnout Fault detection.
• Three port isolation, Input/Output/Supply.
• EMC Compatibility to EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-4, EN61326-1, EN61326-3-1 for safety systems.
• Simplified installation using standard DIN-Rail and plug-in terminal blocks, with or without Power Bus.


24 Vdc nom (18 to 30 Vdc)



SIL level



    DTS0835 D6072S-087 data sheet (English) (PDF 273 KB)
    ISM0154SWC5090 Instruction Manual (PDF 4.71 MB)
    ISM0421D6072S-087 instruction manual (PDF 521 KB)
    ISM0422D6072-087 safety manual (PDF 191 KB)
    CRT305TÜV SIL Certificate Summary (PDF 302 KB)
    CRT323EAC EMC Declaration for D5000 and D6000 series (PDF 2.07 MB)
    CRT326UL-cUL D6072, D6072-087, D6072-096, D6072-099 Divisions (PDF 484 KB)
    SWC5090D5000/D6000 Software Configurator for Windows
    JDFT04912mm DIN Rail Connector
    MCHP196Power Bus Terminal Block Cover and Fix
    MOR017Plug-in Terminal Block male, Horizontal Output, for Bus Power
    MOR022Plug-in Terminal Block female, Horizontal Output, for Bus Power
    PPC5092D5000 Series Adapter for Configuration
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