D6000 - D6200 Series Information

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G.M. International new universal mount Galvanic Isolators provide the most simple and cost effective means of implementing isolation in non Hazardous applications.

General Features

  • More than 25 modules suitable for SIL 2 applications according to IEC 61508, IEC 61511.
  • Independent power supply circuit for each channel.
  • Double units are equivalent to two single units because of the absence of common circuitry.
  • Single channel versions available if required, to provide single loop integrity on Emergency Shut Down and Fire & Gas applications.
  • Configuration components are easily accessed by removing cover.
  • DIP switch configurability for easy field setup.
  • LED indication for power, signal status and line fault conditions.
  • Modules accept DC power supply over a wide range for 24 Vdc (20-30 Vdc) applications.
  • Wide operating temperature range: -40 to +60/+70 °C.
  • Certified for Offshore and Marine applications.

High performance

  • High signal transfer accuracy and repeatability.
  • Advanced circuitry provides very low heat dissipation, ensuring modules run cool despite their high density and functionality.
  • SMD manufacturing to maximize lifetime and enhance reliability.
  • Complete absence of electrolytic capacitors ensures minimum 20 years lifetime.

^ 6 mm per channel + low power consumption

High packing density

  • DIN-Rail 35 mm Top Hat mounting.
  • Ultra slim 2 channels 12 mm wide DIN-Rail and Termination Board mounting modules.
  • Power and fault on bus connectors.
  • 6 mm per channel means 50% space reduction.

Wide functionality

  • Wide range of digital and analog I/O.
  • SIL 3 Safety Relay contacts rated for 4 A or 10 A for direct switching of high loads.
  • Three port galvanic isolation to eliminate noise and ground loop problems.
  • Line fault alarm detects open or short circuit of field cables.
  • Optional power bus DIN-Rail connector.
  • Standard Termination Board, custom connectors for integration into customized Boards.
  • EMC Compatibility to EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-4, EN61326-1, EN61326-3-1 for safety system.

Certifications and Approvals

D6000 Series is applied for:
  • European Directives for EMC.
  • SIL 2 modules according standards IEC61508 and IEC61511
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